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Pesso-Boyden System Psychomotor

Pesso-Boyden was developed by the dancers and psychotherapists Al Pesso and Diane Boyden as a holistic, body-mind approach to human psychological development. Body-mind information and experiences are utilised, applying defined principles and techniques which empower you to stay in charge of your therapeutic process.

The creation of symbolic ‘counter-events’ helps you review and re-design limiting attitudes and reaction patterns so as to update your ‘personal software’. This has been demonstrated with MRI brain scans and supported by other research on cognition, emotion and memory systems. In a Pesso-Boyden ‘structure’ you create ‘new memories’ and, while the old memories still exist, they lose their distressing, devastating ability to distort your perceptions and behaviours.

Pesso-Boyden attends to the satisfaction of basic developmental needs and unmet maturational requirements that are the basis for fulfilment and trust. This releases untapped potential, leading to profound relaxation, a more optimistic life-perspective, more successful inter-personal behaviour and, ultimately, more pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connectedness.