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Formative Psychology

Formative Psychology, as developed by Stanley Keleman in the United States, helps you be the author of your life. Being under-formed psychologically can leave you vulnerable to being distracted, misled, exploited, over-stretched or overwhelmed. Formative Psychology supports you to influence and regulate yourself, in readily achievable stages. It does so by working, in a gentle, but forensically detailed, manner with how you experience your living process, specifically the somatic-emotional attitudes that affect your reaction patterns and behaviours.

The formative methodology will help you recognise and experience how behaviour is bodied, and how you may influence behaviours that are no longer satisfying and, instead, form new ones. As a psychotherapeutic technique, It’s more about growing and developing yourself than ‘curing’ yourself. It gives you a sense of empowerment, in place of passive victimhood. It explores, in a completely respectful and non-judgmental way, what is trying to take shape in you at this point in your life, how formed or unformed you feel and what boundaries you need to maintain – since your feeling of self is directly related to boundary control.